Saturday, April 26, 2014

David Beckham in a Three-Piece Suit

David Beckham has left Los Angeles and  headed to China to promote Jaguar, for which he is a brand ambassador for in China. While he was there, he attended the China Music Awards at the Venetian Macau Casino in a Ralph Lauren Black Label three piece suit. I believe this is the Austin Three-Piece Suit which can be purchased for a mere $2295.00! David is wearing the suit with a Ralph Lauren Purple Label Polka-Dot Silk Satin Tie in navy blue and which can be purchased for $215.00 from the Ralph Lauren website (if you don't fancy the colour don't worry it comes in an array of colours). Wondering about his shirt? Try the RL Purple Label Aston French Cuff Dress Shirt for $425.00 dollars. So for a grand total of $2,935 dollars you can Wear It Like Beckham (minus the shoes, socks, pocket square and cuff links) !!

WearItLikeBeckham: Buy a suit with a ticket pocket. If you look at the pictures, David is wearing a Ralph Lauren suit that has a ticket pocket (the small pocket above the larger pocket on the blazer). The pocket originated many years ago from British equestrian tradition and was added to suit jackets so riders would not have to unbutton to access money for tolls. Today this extra pocket is more of a trend than actual use; it's a small detail that adds a bit of style to your suit.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

David Beckham, SoulCycle & Unstoppable NYC

While in LA, David Beckham has been seen working out at SoulCycle every morning. In the pictures taken here of him leaving the Brentwood location, you can see him matching his beanie with his shoes. As we all know David, loves to rock the beanie, usually he buys them from Burton, but this beanie is made by Unstoppable NYC and can be purchased for $55 dollars (FYI, currently on back order!!).

About Unstoppable NYC: UNSTOPPABLE is an accessory and apparel line designed by Voula Duval that promotes freedom of expression and brings attitude, fashion and edginess to your everyday lifestyle. The collection fuses street wear, sportswear & loungewear for both men & women.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

David Beckham Riding His Bike Throughout LA

David Beckham is back in Los Angeles, spending time riding his bike throughout the West Hollywood. He has been recently spotted going to SoulCycle to squeeze in a workout. While riding his motorcycle, he has been seen carrying a Cote & Ciel Our Isar Rucksack to keep all his important things in while hes on the move.

About Cote & Ciel Isar Rucksack
Isar Rucksack is an ergonomic backpack built for creatives and entrepreneurs on the move. A conceptual design ensures fast, easy access to your laptop and office essentials, with ample space and the comfort you need for even the busiest days.