Wednesday, May 27, 2015

David Beckham NYC Airport Style....

Last week David Beckham touched down in the Big Apple for a quick visit. He was pictured at JFK airport wearing his very hard to find Rick Owens leather jacket, grey beanie (unknown) and a pair of Mark McNairy x adidas Originals Monte Carlo Mid 84-Lab. The shoes was a collaboration between Mark McNairy and Kazuki Kuraishi to blend the New York swag with the Tokyo attitude. It came out in 2014 and is now a collectors item.

On his way back to London, David opted for a more "British" look, exchanging the beanie from a flat cap from Bates Hatters and throwing his Rag & Bone denim vest over his Rick Owens leather jacket. The cap is the Classic Summer Gatsby in lightweight linen and is from current season. You should get yours before they sell out!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Ride It Like Beckham! Win a Custom Bonneville

Motolegends, the Guildford based retro clothing specialist, has recently created a replica of the customised Triumph Bonnevilles that David Beckham and his pals rode up the Amazon  last year.

The bike is going to be given away at the NEC later this year, in a free prize draw.

Many people assumed that the bikes they rode were Triumph’s latest Scrambler model; and that was because, like the Scrambler, those bikes wore a high-level, off road, Arrow exhaust. But, in fact, the starting point was nothing other than a humble Bonneville.

Motolegends acquired their donor bike, a 2001 model, from a local ex-policeman. Even though it was over 10 years old, it had been meticulously looked after, and so presented an excellent starting point for the project.

The build was actually incredibly simple, and although the end result is quite dramatic, the work is well within the scope of any budding,‘bike-shed’ mechanic.

Part one was the strip-down. Off came the mudguards, the indicators, the rear grab rail, the exhaust, and so on.

What was left was treated to a matt black paint job that included the wheels, fuel tank, engine casing, cylinder head and, handlebars on.

The wheels were re-shod with Metzler Karoo 3s as per the original bike; rubber fork gaiters were added, the seat was re-trimmed, and a new rear mudguard and number plate holder was fabricated.

The pièce de résistance, and the most expensive single part on the bike, was the Arrow exhaust. But it only comes in a metal finish, so it was sent off for a black ceramic coating. A bracket was fabricated, to allow it to hang correctly off the side of the bike.

Final touches involved moving the rear brake master cylinder to a new location, as the rear brake positioning couldn’t have been at all convenient on the original bikes. Discrete indicators were then fitted front and back. On the Amazon bikes there were no rear indicators; just front ones.

The end result is a bike that somehow seems more than the sum of its parts.

There are hugely complicated and intricate builds out there that sometimes fail to hit the spot. This bike is simplicity itself, yet has an undeniable wow factor to it.

With the baffle removed, the bike sounds far better than a Bonneville has any right to. Being lighter than the original, it handles well, and the Metzeler tyres give a purposeful look, without any real detrimental effect as far as rideabilty and comfort are concerned.

The bike was built by Phil and Graham at FCL in Cranleigh. Including the original bike, parts, paint labour and so on, the build came in at around £10k, although some specialists are demanding £16,000 or more for similar replicas.

It’s got to be said that, close as the bike is to Beckham’s, it’s not a slavish reproduction. But it’s certainly not far off!

The only part that proved totally elusive was the small, under-handlebar mirror that the Amazon bikes sported. If anyone knows where it’s from, Motolegends would like to know! Beckham fan or not, there’s no denying that the bike has an ineffably cool, laid back vibe to it. And all it takes, if you want the chance to lock it away in your shed, is for you to give your name and address to Motolegends. To enter the competition, just click here.

The bike will be given away at the end of the NEC show this November.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

David's Spring Look....

Spring, one of my favorite seasons! You can finally put away your winter coats and take a stroll in a shirt and jeans. Fashion icon, David Beckham had years to perfect his Spring look after spending over 5 years in Los Angeles. Out for a stroll with Harper in London, David's spring look includes a denim shirt and jeans by Saint Laurent (it's the same shirt he's been wearing since his birthday party), a grey beanie that I haven't been able to find as of yet, shoes by Vans (Overwashed Authentic) and his favorite pair of Ray Bans (Club Master). For those of you interested Harper Beckham is dressed in head to toe in Courage & Kind and like her parents wears a lot of things that are limited edition (like the skirt in the pic).

Monday, May 4, 2015

David Beckham's Lavish 40th Birthday Party....

After spending a few days in Los Angeles with his dad and attending a few more Soul Cycle classes, David flew out of LAX to make his way to Marrakech, Morocco to celebrate his 40th birthday in lavish style. To make the long journey more comfortable, David wore one of his favorite Rick Owens leather jacket.The jacket is called Intarsia and is incredibly hard to find... like most things David buys!

To kick start his weekend right, David received a special gift from Haig Club, a handcrafted crystal decanter containing rare 40-year old Haig Whisky. Upon receiving this gift, David posted a picture of the bottle while wearing a denim shirt from RRL (the shirt is from the 2014 F/W season).

David's 40th birthday also marked the start of his new Instagram account @DavidBeckham. In just a few days on being active and posting pictures from is birthday party, he has already gained 4 million followers! Hopefully he makes my life a little bit easier and actually let's everyone know what he's wearing... as many celebrities on Instagram do!

Friday, May 1, 2015

David's favorite designer... Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent

Everyday I get inspired by a new stylish picture of David Beckham and can't help but want to raid his closet. I'm sure many of you who read this blog and take the time to buy the exact items of items that David dresses himself in can relate! This man, no matter what can do no wrong... he's always manages to look effortlessly cool and hip.... 

In the first picture above, David can be seen causally walking the streets of London running some daily errands rocking his favorite designer at the moment Saint Laurent; denim jacket, jeans and shoes are all by Saint Laurent, but his hat is by Stetson.

In the second picture above, David is headed back to LA before his 40th birthday soiree in Morocco (most likely to attend more Soul Cycle classes before the big birthday bash), in Saint Laurent jeans and denim shirt. While he accessorized with a beanie by Carhartt, shoes by Timberland (Earthkeepers) and wallet chain by Hoorsenbuhs! 

Last but least, if your going to attend the London Marathon to support of your kids, make sure your again dressed in Saint Laurent, but seeing how this is a running event you must choose your shoes carefully. David Beckham choice the adidas Pure Boost 2.0 in Red and of course you have to get T-shirts made that read "Team Romeo". For those of you interested, Romeo ran the 5k course in a little less than 19 minutes and came in 78th place... not bad for a 12 year old!

wearitlikeBeckham: always shop at Saint Laurent (as you cant really go wrong with Hedi Slimane) but make sure everything is fitted, when it's fitted things just look better!