Monday, March 28, 2016

A New Airport Look by David Beckham.....

David Beckham is a man who knows how to set style trends. Over the past few years, hes been pictured rocking his favorite pair of Saint Laurent jeans, with a tee shirt from RRL or a sweatshirt from Givenchy. However this past weekend as he jet-set his way back to LA, he was sporting a new look.. a pair of loose fitting pants. Now this is a complete style change from the past few years, but to set the look right, make sure you wear it a pair of Stan Smiths (pictured above), a fitted sweatshirt from Tom Ford (pictured above), a black beanie (unknown), a rucksack from Louis Vuitton (pictured above) and if you have a million flashes in your face a pair of Ray Bans.

Now I have been looking for these pants for the past few days but can't find them! I think they are from his H/M collaboration as I found a similar one but can't be certain. As always if anyone out there knows what they are, please share! The sweatshirt is from last season and is currently sold out, the backpack is from the F/W 16 collection so if your looking for that, its coming out!

On a side note, if your looking to wear it like Beckham when your just at home relaxing, get this Henley by Rag & Bone....

Friday, March 11, 2016

A Two Hundred Thousand Dollar Watch...

If you had $200,000 dollars what would you do? 

David Beckham suited up for his charity auction last night to raise funds for his 7: The David Beckham Unicef Fund and Positive View Foundation. The 40 year old looked super dapper in a Tom Ford Slim Fit suit, paired with striped shirt and wingtip derby shoes also by Tom Ford. But what stood out the most was his watch, a $200,000 dollars watch by Patek Philippe called the Grand Complications Watch. 

Patek Philippe is a Swiss watch maker known for making some of the world's most luxurious hand crafted watches. This watch features a band that is made from alligator leather and a disk made from sapphire. For $200,000 it also can tell you which phases and orbit of the moon!

Earlier in the day, David was pictured walking around London in a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers and the Adidas s1 Fleece jogger pants.... something a bit more affordable!