Wednesday, September 10, 2014

David Beckham's New York Fashion Week Check List

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I thought it would be neat to showcase what the most famous retired football player in the world would rock out to while being pictured all over New York.

When your flying across the pond, make sure you travel in an all American label, such as RRL. In the pictures above David is seen walking thru JFK Airport in a Plaid Ranch Workshirt. This shirt sells for $195 dollars in the US and for 175 pounds in the UK. If you would like to purchase this at a discount, message me directly.

When your sitting front row at your wife's fashion show next to Anna Wintour, make sure you look like a fashionista in a black tuxedo jacket with shawl collars by Saint Laurent. What I like about this look isn't the jacket itself (which is amazing) but how he styled it with a chain wallet (by Saint Laurent, but not sure of the exact model), something I don't think anyone would do, but way to be fashion forward.

 Finally, when your ready to take your wife out to dinner in NYC to celebrate the success of her fashion show, make sure you step out in a Signature Yves Collar Shirt by Saint Laurent. From the looks of his shirt from JFK and his shirt from the dinner date, Beckham's staple fall look includes red plaid shirts.

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