Wednesday, December 17, 2014

David Beckham in Double Denim!

Who said double denim was a fashion faux pas?? If David Beckham and pull of double denim then the rest of the world should be able to as well, all they need to do is #wearitlikeBeckham...

Shirt by: Ralph Lauren's Denim and Supply (currently sold out)
Jeans by: Ralph Lauren's RRL Straight-Leg Spokane
Shoes by: Diemme Roccia Vet
Hat by: Kangol
Jumper by: I wish I knew cuz I love how he matched his shoe laces with his jumper

Incidentally, David has worn the same exact shirt in a photo shoot for his whiskey Haig Club...

and we wore the same pair of jeans while visiting his whiskey distillery in Scotland...