Monday, August 31, 2015

David' s LA Street Style Tee Shirt Game!

For the past few months David and the family has been spending their summer holiday in LA and while under the LA sun, David loves to wear tank and tees... I have collected a bunch of pictures of David wearing different tees, while working out at Soul Cycle, riding his bike or just spending time with his family... his LA tee shirt collection is amazing and the prices for each tee ranges from $10.00 to 1000.00, to impossible to get unless your David Beckham.... so enjoy this list.... they include older pictures from LA!

Tee by: Obey (Worldwide Message) Raglan Baseball Tee
Pictured while shopping at Barney's New York (LA).

Tee by: Topman (limited edition Montauk Surf Turtle Cove)

Tee By: Ogres Revenge Tattoo Shop (this is actually an OLD tee that David wore this summer while at Disneyland, the shop is closed and the tee is impossible to find)

Tank by: In & Out Burger (not sure if he cut the sleeves of or if this is a tank, either way its a promotional tee by In & Out Burger)

Tee Shirt by:Dark Seas
Hat by: Limitless Clothing (impossible to find!!! & his current favorite)

Tee Shirt by: Brixton Crow Tee (David styled it by cutting the sleeves off)

Tank by: Brixton Oath Tank Top
Shoes by Saint Laurent

Tank by: Fear of God LA ($800 dollars and impossible to find)

Tank by: Zanerobe (impossible to find!)

Tank By: Volcom (Solid Tank - Heather Black)