Friday, October 2, 2015

Dubai is "All In" with David Beckham!

Superstar David Beckham made his way to the Mall of Emirates in Dubai for a opening of HomeCourt by Adidas. HomeCourt is a new concept store launched by Adidas, with who David has signed a $160 million dollar lifetime contract in 2003! The store has an arena-like facade and to enter, you walk through a tunnel that feels a lot like the tunnel a football that players would walk through to get on the field. The sports venue reference continues with what’s called Shoebase at Centrefield, an interactive table with two big touchscreens that is designed to help customers find the right product or provide them with more information. The shoe bar also features a shoe finder and will be connected to the adidas online shop. 

For the event David dressed casually in a red Adidas Miami tee shirt (to show support for his MLS Franchise) and a cool pair of Adidas Pro Model. The Pro Model for all you sneaker heads out there, looks exactly like the Superstar except it is ankle high and has gold accents on the tongue and back heel. If your looking for a pair, then eBay is your best bet, as most retailers are sold out unless your looking for a size 13....