Friday, January 29, 2016

David Beckham London Street Style to NYC Airport Look.....

Earlier this week David was pictured running some errands before his trip to the Big Apple. In the first picture, you can see David getting into his car wearing a olive beanie  (Canada Goose) with a jacket by Barbour. The beanie is sold out and impossible to get, trust me I've been looking for this beanie all over UK, USA and even Canada... every place is SOLD OUT! For those of you interested in the jacket, I'm not sure of the exact model hes wearing in this picture but I know for sure he owns the Digby Jacket. If you want to wearitlikeBeckham rock a beanie and jacket from the same family of colour, not the exact match but a similar shade. 

In the second picture David is seen rocking the same beanie with a sweater from his collaboration with H&M.

On Tuesday of this week, David was pictured landing in NYC. On this occasion, David tried to go incognito in a news boy cap (not sure by who), a black top coat by Saint Laurent, denim by Saint Laurent and boots by Blundstone 1306. I'm pretty sure the sweatshirt hes wearing is by Maison Martin Margiela, but obviously since its hidden I can't be 100% sure.

It seems as thou these new Blundstone boots are his new favorite as hes been pictured wearing that over the course of the last few Beckham sightings!

About Blundstone: Blundstone, a company was started by English settlers, is now an Australian footwear best known for their lace-less, elastic side, ankle length boots. 

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