Tuesday, February 16, 2016

David Beckham, NYFW, Louis Vuitton & Flight Club!

Sunday Feb 14th was a big day! It's a day I probably won't forget for a long time and it wasn't because of the arctic blast I was under, nor was it because I spent the day with my beautiful wife. It was the day, I got the chance to exchange a few words with the one and only David Beckham!

After Victoria's fashion show, the family went to have brunch at Balthazar's, where I went with my wife and sister's family. This is where I just got lucky and got seated across from the Beckhams. With David sitting literally across from me, I was speechless and in my mind I was planning on asking him where he got his favorite boots from but then I thought I might not have enough time to find a picture; just in case he said something like "which boots, I have many". After about 2 hours of me planning and concocting ways to say something, he got up to leave, I knew this was my one and only shot at asking him something... lucky for me he decided to walk by me and all I could do was ask him where he got his beanie from? (it's the only thing I could think of that I was having a hard time identifying). He turned around and said "I don't know". I was like "come on mate" he responded back and said "No really I don't know". Then he picked up Harper and walked off. This was actually the second time I ran into Beckham. The first time, he was in DC for a football match and had dinner at a restaurant I was eating at with friends. I had left to go get a jersey, so he could sign it but by the time I came back he left... so that's my story!

Now back to fashion! Beckham attended the fashion show and lunch looking as suave as ever! The scarf and boots he wore are from Louis Vuitton. The scarf s part of the Karakoram collection and should be available for sale in the Summer of 2016. The collection is know for its zigzag pattern which was first used by Louis Vuitton in the 1920s. I believe the boots hes wearing also won't be available for sale till later this year. The past few times David was photographed, he's been rocking a lot of pieces from LV and I think everything is from an upcoming collection! As its too good to be David Beckham!!

By the way, the beanie hes wearing is from Flight Club and Harper's wearing Burberry!