Wednesday, October 26, 2016

David Spending Time in LA with the Kids....

The Beckham family is back in LA, which means David is going to get paparazzied every time he steps out of the house... which also mean that we'll get to get a better idea of what David chooses to wear on a daily basis. Pictured above getting drinks from a LA cafe sporting a new pair of Vans (seems to be his sneaker of choice at the moment) with a pair of slacks and beanie from RRL. As far as the t shirt is considered, have no idea... I know it's not RRL!

David who has been a regular at Lakers game throughout the years, has decided to take his boys to a hockey game. For this "boys night out", David decided to rock a sweatshirt from his upcoming collection with Kent & Curwen. For all us die hard Beckham fans we are anxiously waiting for the release, which from what my sources tell me is in November!