Tuesday, January 24, 2017

David Beckham Paris Look ...

 Husband and wife made it to Paris on Sunday on the Eurostar. The stylish couple made a grand entrance, David rocking a Parka coat from RRL AW2016 collection as well a duffel bag from the same designer. But when your a stylish traveler a vintage looking duffel bag is never enough, so why not carry a Louis Vuitton backpack while your at it. To complete the look David is rocking a pair of Saint Laurent Cigar Brush boots. (And for all you Victoria fans, shes rocking her own collection and a pair of Adidas superstars!)

Once he got settled in, David made a quick stop to the PSG training grounds to say "What's Up" to his former teammates and players from the Paris football club. After exchanging a few pleasantries, David had to swing by the Louis Vuitton shop to pick up a few things... in the above pictures, David is wearing a leather jacket from Saint Laurent, a shirt from RRL and a pair of kicks from Louis Vuitton (its the same shoes he wore to the LV Paris Fashion Week show).

After a long day of visiting friends and shopping, David headed back to London with his wife and we get a peak into what he bought at Louis Vuitton... a red scarf and a another pair of kicks! (Again, Victoria is sporting her own collection).

Correction! The Parka Coat is from Kent and Curwen, it is part of the next release!