Monday, February 13, 2017

New York Fashion Week Feb 2017

New York Fashion Week was in full swing and the Beckhams were front and center in all the action. Victoria had her show this past Sunday to which the entire Beckham clan was in attendance. When it's fashion week, what you wear is more important than where your going and to that... David wore a duffel coat from his upcoming collection with Kent and Curwen, while Romeo was decked out Burberry and "little fashionista" Harper was spotted carrying a $2000 dollars Goyard bag. But for this wasn't where it stopped for this fashion friendly family...

The next day, they family was spotted at JFK heading back to London. David looked very relaxed in a Alexander Wang Grey Velour Hoodie, RRL Camo Cargo Pants and wearing a fresh pair of Y-3 Noci High-Top Sneakers. The amazing jacket in his hand is the RRL Fleece-Paneled Denim Jacket, I actually tried this jacket on and have to admit its ACE! the only reason, I didn't get it is cuz it was too small for me. If your wondering what some of the accessories are, the bright orange beanie i think is from his collaboration with H/M, back pack is from the Yeezy collection and the key ring is the RRL Leather Belt Hook Key Fob. From what I know the the hoodie and sneakers are from an upcoming collection, so you may have to wait a few months to buy them.

I would also like to thank Kobe from China for doing a lot of the leg work on this post... many thanks MATE!