Wednesday, February 14, 2018

David Lands in NYC

First let me say, I appreciate all the emails I got over the past few months wondering where I disappeared to.... never realized how many readers I actually had.

To let everyone know, I opened a wine bar in DC and that has kept me busy, but I will make time from time to time to do a post, yes I do still follow but the time it takes to search, I just don't have... but yes, I'm alive.

This past weekend, David and the kids touchdown to NYC for Fashion Week, an David was pictured wearing a fleece hoodie by Ralph Lauren (sold out), a shearing bomber jacket by his own label Kent and Curwen and a pair of shoes from the PW Adidas Collection (PW HUMAN RACE NMD "PHARRELL") which is reselling for around $1000.

But to be honest, I think little Harper stole the show in her Burberry coat.... 


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