Monday, March 10, 2014

David Beckham Flys to Rio de Janeiro in Belstaff

David Beckham is keeping himself busy! This past week he has flown to Rio de Janeiro wearing a Belstaff leather jacket to film a commercial... quite possibly for Belstaff?!? Now, I wasn't able to find the exact jacket he is wearing in the pictures, but I think it's from an old collection or a new collection that hasn't been released yet. However, the closest biker jacket that Bellstaff has out right now is the Weybridge Jacket. The only difference is, the one Beckham is wearing has quilted patches and the one on the site has horizontal lines. Once I find the jacket, I will let everyone know!

He is pictured on location wearing the same Belstaff leather jacket and riding a Triumph motorcycle... could this be commercial be for Triumph!?!

Wear it Like Beckham: Wear your biker jacket with a plain white tee by RRL and a pair of skinny jeans by Saint Laurent. Keep it stylish and cool at the same time. Add a wallet chain for detailing giving it that punk fashion look from the 70s and 80s! Think James Dean, think Rebel Without a Cause.