Wednesday, April 1, 2015

David Beckham @ Harry Styles's Birthday Party

I know this is an older picture of Beckham at Harry Style's 21st birthday bash (Feb 2015), but I didn't want to post anything about it till I was able to verify a few things and confirm a few things. With the help of one of my readers Pierre from France, we are able to confirm that the denim gilet that Beckham is wearing in this picture is from Rag & Bone! It's actually from an older collection and Beckham has worn it while motorcycling in Los Angeles (see picture below). However, the jacket underneath is Belstaff and will be released at some point this year. I love how he took the same gilet and teamed it with a leather jacket and a t-shirt... who else would have thought of that!

      Now on to new and more exciting news! David Beckham's Jacket that I have been blogging about can now be pre-ordered from any Belstaff store! This jacket is vicious to say the least and I'll be making a trip to the flagship store in London and ordering mine!

UPDATE: Since writing this blog, I have come to learn that the denim jacket with leather sleeve is in fact once piece and is from a New Collection from Belstaff. The denim gilet he is wearing while motorcycling is Rag & Bone.