Tuesday, April 14, 2015

David Beckham is Obsessed with #SoulCycle

The Beckham's are back in Los Angeles and David is using his time wisely, attending a SoulCycle class every chance he gets. As a retired football star, David needed to find a new way to stay in shape and has found that a 45 minute high intensity spin class is all he needed. In a recent interview with Marc Malkin from E Online, David was quoted as saying, "Yup, I'm very obsessed. It's a workout that I love. It's a workout I enjoy and to be honest since I finished playing there aren't too many workouts that I do enjoy. So when you find one, you stick with it."

David attends each class in a different pair of shoes and sweats. In the first picture above, he is pictured leaving the studio in a adidas SPR STR beanie and ADV Hoodie, in the second picture he's leaving with a pair of 1974 track pants with the new Thrasher 2 hat and in the final picture he is leaving with a brand new pair of SL Loop Runner shoes in BlueBird. No matter when he goes to SoulCycle David manages to always look fashionably ready to sweat it out...

For those of you interested, SoulCycle is the best 45 minutes you'll ever spend... trust me, I been going religiously since the Washington DC studio opened in Aug of 2014!

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