Wednesday, February 12, 2014

David attend's Victoria's NYFW Show in a Spezzato Look

David Beckham at NYFW 2014
David attends his wife's Victoria's NYFW show with Harper as his lovely date. Mrs. Beckham always ensures that both husband and daughter gets front row seats to her sold out show, they always head to the very chic eatery Balthazar afterwards and David's always in a spezzato look. What's a spezzato look?  This is a very popular look among Italians and is Italian for "broken in two." Quite simply, it describes a combination of jacket and trousers that's not a matching suit. This year David completed his spezzato look in a Ralph Lauren Black Label navy blazer with a pair of Purple Label grey trousers by the same designer.

David Beckham at NYFW 2013
Wear it like Beckham: If you want to try Spezzato look, remember one simple rule let one piece take the lead or in Beckham's case, let the blazer and trouser compliment each other or let the blazer take the lead!