Monday, February 10, 2014

David Beckham in Comme des Garçons

David Beckham was awarded the role as China's first global football ambassador for its football league. He has happily taken the position, as he wants to improve the game's image in China and around the world. As part of his role, we will see him observe games and attend charitable events. One of the first charitable event that he attended, was a visit to a children's hospital in China to uplift the spirits of the children being treated there. For this event, David decided to put away his vast collection of smart suits and go to the event wearing a casual plaid shirt by Comme des Garçons from their Homme Plus line.

A Little Bit About Comme des Garçons
Comme des Garcon is French for "like the boys" and is a Japanese fashion label headed by Rei Kawakubo. If you would like to buy anything from this label, then good luck! They only have one store in the US (NYC), 2 stores in Europe (one in Paris and one in London) and a few stores in East Asia (Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore and Manila). On a recent visit to Paris, it took me 2 days to actually find the Paris store, as it turned out I walked by the store a few times before I actually figured out which door was the entrance.