Wednesday, February 5, 2014

David Beckham in Louis Vuitton and Ray Ban (Miami)

David Beckhan was spotted leaving his hotel in Miami, where he is in town getting ready to make a major announcement regarding his Miami MLS expansion team, rumored to be named Miami United Football Club. While in Miami, David opted for a vintage look dressed in a  pair of Louis Vuitton dress slacks, lavender shirt (designer unknown) and a pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.

If you look really close at the picture, you will see that David is sporting a metal band on each of his arms, which is known as sleeve garters. Sleeve garters is a fashion accessory from the latter half of the 19th century that allowed men to customize their sleeve lengths. It was popular among bartenders, musicians, bookies and well dressed gunslingers from the Old West. Today you will find your local blackjack dealers in Las Vegas wearing them for aesthetic purposes as well as to make it difficult for them to conceal a card in their sleeves.