Friday, February 7, 2014

David Beckham wears Louis Vuitton Smart Suit to The Jimmy Fallon Show

David Beckham was recently on The Jimmy Fallon Show to promote his latest spring bodywear line with H&M. On the show, the comedian, challenged David to a game of Egg Russian Roulette... David lost! If losing wasn't enough, David got yoke all over his head and shirt, but somehow managed to keep his Louis Vuitton peaked-lapel midnight-blue smart suit clean... phew!

Wearing a Louis Vuitton suit is a different direction for David, who off late has been pictured wearing either Burberry or Ralph Lauren to many events. I personally like how he chooses to wear a Burberry or a Ralph Lauren suit to more formal events, as both of those designers suits are elegant and sophisticated. However, he choose to wear a fashionably tailored suit to a more light hearted affair like The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Wear It Like Beckham: Shoulder joints on the jacket should end right at the tip of your shoulder, the arm hole should feel snug at the armpit and when the blazer is buttoned, you should have a well defined waistline. If you don't have these, then either the suit is too big or too small and you should NEVER get a suit hoping that you will grow into it... NEVER!

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